Read for the Blind is the first application of its kind. The simple-to-use app, developed in Thailand, gives blind people access to recorded books, magazine articles and websites. What makes the app unique is that the audiobooks are created by volunteers from the public, who simply use their Android or iOS phones to record themselves reading. One may choose to read one or several chapters, which are then compiled from multiple readers to complete a book.

It does not involve the cumbersome physical transportation of recordings and equipment as has been used in the past. Completed audio books or articles are converted and transferred to “General Knowledge Hotline” 1414 (in Thailand) which is a free service for the blind to listen to audio books on the phone.

The blind population in Thailand has had to endure shortages of audio books and so Read for the Blind app is a welcome resource. The application is arguably the most talked about in Thailand at the moment. It began in October 2013, and currently has almost 22,000 likes on Facebook.

The project is owned by Thai Blind People’s Foundation, a non-profit organization. It has been supported by Google Thailand and Thai Samsung Electronics, Co., among others.

For more information please visit Read for the Blind – Facebook page. (They do not have a website yet.)


Read for the Blind marketing video… “You may see this as a common annoyance, but for the blind it is all they will ever see in their lifetime”.

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