The Mukurtu project began in the remote Central Australian town of Tennant Creek with the creation of the Mukurtu Wumpurrarni-kari Archive. The project was born from the needs of the Warumungu Aboriginal community who wanted an archival platform that allowed them to organize, manage and share their digital cultural materials in line with their cultural protocols.

Mukurtu is a Warumungu word meaning ‘dilly bag.’ Like the dilly bag, Mukurtu CMS is meant to be ‘a safe keeping place’ for cultural knowledge and a catalyst for ongoing dialogue about sharing, making and reproducing cultural materials and knowledge.

Using new technologies we collaborated to develop a user-friendly and culturally relevant system embedded with Warumungu social and cultural protocols. This solution began and ended with the understanding that technology is meant to bend to human needs, not the other way around. Mukurtu is now in development as a free and open source platform distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”).

After the Mukurtu Wumpurrarni-kari archive launched in 2007, communities worldwide shared their desires to have a similar platform for their own cultral heritage management.

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