Vodafone Instant Network for Emergency or Humanitarian Situations

Through the Vodafone Instant Network Programme, Vodafone can deploy volunteers and technology in emergencies to provide free communications and technical support to aid agencies and victims and develop new technologies to support the humanitarian community.  In conjunction with this we continue to support our emergency telecommunications response partners, Telecoms Sans Frontieres and World Food Programme in their work.

Vodafone Instant Network is an ultra-portable mobile network that fits into 3 suitcase-sized boxes weighing less than 100kg which can be transported on commercial flights and set up on site in less than 40 minutes. In 2012, Vodafone Foundation deployed Vodafone Instant Network in drought-prone Kaikor, Kenya and more recently after Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines in December. In Mindanao, 296,926 calls and 578,994 SMS went over Vodafone Instant Network, the highest in number in any deployment to date. Vodafone Foundation Instant Network Programme already comprises over 70 engineer volunteers ready 24/7 to deploy with its humanitarian partners in emergencies.

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