Esoko is a technology platform and consulting service that helps organizations profile people and manage the information flows between them. Our focus is on agricultural value chains with the explicit goal of improving the transparency of markets and the operational efficiency of organizations. Mobile phones provide an unprecedented and disruptive opportunity to change how markets work for both businesses and consumers.

On one hand, Esoko collects and provides content such as prices, bids and offers, weather, and agricultural tips to which users can subscribe. On the other, Esoko provides a powerful set of tools so that organizations can manage their own information and content: not only pushing out alerts and advisories to the field, but also tracking information from the field (like activities, compliance, profiles). Organizations can choose to keep their data private, share it, or use other content that is publicly available from any of the other Esoko countries. Esoko is a mobile-enabled, cloud based service. You can use it on any phone or computer without any special hardware or software and from anywhere with an SMS or data connection.

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