Check My School is an interactive platform which allows citizens – especially school administrators, parents and students – to send in complaints to government: if a teacher fails to show up, textbooks are falling apart, or any other problem that could improve the quality of their schools. Today, 8,687 of the 44,000 schools in the Philippines have been mapped through Check My School and 38 million education data sets have been archived. They also incorporated text messages, Facebook and Twitter – reaching 1 million Facebook users within the first year. Social media helps track if problems are being resolved.

It is not about adjusting to technology, but making sure technology works in the environment around it.

Aleem Walji, Manager of WBI’s Innovation Practice

The Philippines has just a 25% internet penetration rate so Check My School realized they needed to do things differently to reach those who really needed the service, but had no internet access. They added an SMS tab on the website, but also created a network of “Infomediaries” (information intermediaries); volunteers from the community who could help parents and teachers use the platform to find solutions to their problems. They trained them to interact with the various players, including government. Initially targeting 100 schools, after one year they had 21 “infomediaries” in 14 areas and 1,053 volunteers in 245 schools.

Learn more at Check My School Website.

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