About Digital Undivide

What is Digital Undivide?

It is a project that showcases emerging digital innovations in developing countries all over the world. It is said “necessity is the mother of invention”. This is apparent in parts of the world where limited resources have led to a wave of creative use of imagination to create digital platforms that are improving educationconnectivityfinancial serviceshealthcare and so many more.

Below are some tremendous advancements in Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa that are playing a part in closing the digital divide. 

The Digital Divide

The high cost and limited access of technology are factors that have contributed to the international “digital divide“. However, the past decade has seen a steady decrease in worldwide costs of telephone and broadband Internet services which has empowered developing countries to expand their acess to digital technology. This, coupled with open-source technology, has lowered the barrier to accessing digital tools, and has greatly improved the localization of innovation.

Local Problems, Local Solutions

Less developed countries have long been seen as consumers of technology and not necessarily its creators. Traditionally, technology made for more industrialized countries is transposed to less developed ones. Not only does this tend to fail at addressing specific local needs, it may be culturally insensitive and also stunts innovation at a local level.

It is not about adjusting to technology, but making sure technology works in the environment around it.

Aleem Walji, World Bank Institute

Digitization has a measurable effect on economic growth and job creation. In emerging markets, a comprehensive digital boost could help lift over half a billion people out of poverty over the next decade.

Digital Undivide would like to celebrate and encourage digital innovation by all. Where possible, we have linked directly to the companies or individuals behind these stories. It is our hope that you will support them in whatever way you can and most importantly… be inspired!

~ Debi Obwaka Terry ~

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